Sick Sensor Intelligence manufactures a broad portfolio of products including state of the art gas ultrasonic meters. Exact gas quantity measurement is of the utmost importance, as small measurement errors could result in substantial economic loss. Sick gas flow meters perform with absolute accuracy and reliability.



Custody transfer measurement in natural gas distribution

  • Ultimate measurement certainty and safety of continuous gas supply
  • Reduction of installation costs due to integrated flow conversion
  • Simple installation, compatible with conventional technologies (turbine and rotary displacement meters)
  • Minimal operating costs due to being nearly maintenance-free
  • Simplified recalibration due to straightforward cartridge exchange
  • Reliable under dynamic load changes
  • Self-sufficient operation

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Gas flow meters for custody transfer and process applications

  • Long-term stability, reliable measurement
  • Low maintenance due to intelligent self-diagnostics
  • Virtually immune to pressure regulator noise
  • Ultrasonic transducers can be exchanged under operating pressure
  • Wide application range

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